The Workshop

Fluorescence Workshop & Course


State-of-the-art fluorescence techniques from world-famous experts


Hands-on with modern lifetime and steady-state fluorescence equipment


Research • Ideas • Problems • Solutions

2019 FluoroFest topics will include:

Materials Science/Nanotechnology:

Nanoparticles, solar cells, photovoltaics, carbon nanotubes, fullerenes, perovskites, supramolecular sensors, OLEDs, polymers

Analytical/ Chemometrics:

Absorbance and Transmission Excitation Emission Mapping (A-TEEM), CDOMs, phenolics, oils

Bio and Medical Research:

Protein folding/ unfolding, membrane dynamics, chaperones, intracellular ions, drug delivery, tissue imaging, protein networks


Present a Poster

If you would like to present a poster at FluoroFest, visit the FluoroFest Abstract page or contact:
Alex Siemiarczuk (